Tips about burial insurance.

Tips on Buying Burial Insurance

1) Think about what funeral expenses you want to cover and how much it will cost before you start getting quotes. You may find that all you need is to cover funeral basic costs with $5,000 to $7,000 in coverage, but you should consider the incidentals as well, they can add up quickly.

2) It pays off to shop the rates with several Burial Insurance carriers. Our quote tool will do that for you or we can help you over the phone to find the best deal for your situation. Plans that cost the same often have different advantages. We can help you choose the insurance plan that fits you best.

3) Any funeral details you can “pre-arrange” will help you and your family. For example, try to decide ahead of time whether you want a burial or cremation. It gives your family time to accept your choices and it helps take some of the emotion out of trying to choose the right Burial Insurance plan for you and your family.

4) Have your health information ready when you call or sit down to fill out your Burial Insurance application. The various carriers have similar coverage, but their health questions usually differ. That's one reason we usually save our customers time and money by assisting in making the right choice. We're very knowledgeable about where each company's strengths lie. Some are relaxed on issues relating to heart, stroke, and/or cancer. However, if your overall health history is good, you can usually choose by price alone and do just fine.

We usually save our customers time and money by assisting in making the right choice.

5) Don’t be reluctant to get involved in planning your own funeral. It’s a big purchase to most people and should be approached like any other important expense. Knowing what funeral costs to expect will help you make better planning decisions and help you save money on these final expenses.

6) For practical tools and advice, here are two helpful resources: The Funeral Site and Funeral Tips.

What do I need to know about Funeral Insurance?

Funeral Insurance, Burial Insurance, Life Insurance for Seniors and Final Expense Insurance, how are they different?

Answer: They are the same! Just different names for the same insurance coverage. They are small whole life insurance policies with built in guarantees. They are intended to provide insurance coverage to pay for a burial or cremation and the associated costs. They are designed to last your whole life, the premiums never go up and the coverage never goes down.

What age should I purchase a Burial Insurance Plan at?

Answer: Most Burial Insurance carriers only issue coverage for a specific range of ages. The minimum issue age is usually around 40 to 50 years-old and the maximum is around 80 to 85 years-old. If you lie outside of this age range, there are other options we can help you look into to cover your funeral expenses.

Should I wait to buy burial insurance till I get closer to needing it?

Answer: The only responsible answer is NO. None of us know when our time will come. Choosing to put off addressing the unavoidable cost we all have for our final arrangements only leaves this concern unresolved. Additionally, Burial Insurance plans are less expensive at a younger age and the competition between insurance carriers for customers in their 50’s to 70’s is much greater resulting in a wider variety of insurance plans at better prices. Nonetheless, later is still better than never and there are insurance plans we can offer that regularly issue up to age 85.

How much does a Funeral / Burial Cost?

Answer: The National Funeral Directors Association has reported that in 2010, the average cost of an adult funeral was $7,750. That estimate did not include cemetery costs which can range from $1,500 to $2,500 and bring the actual average cost to a total of $10,275.

How much does a Cremation Cost?

Answer: According to “How to plan a funeral”, a guide at, the average cost of a Cremation service is $3,725. However, that price can easily go up due to widely varying requirements for family size, religion or location.

Which Burial Insurance plan is right for me? How do I choose?

Answer: The simple answer is your health and age decide which Burial Insurance plan is best for your situation. For more information see our discussion on this page under “The Basics: Which Burial Insurance Plan is Right for Me?”